Continuing a trend of historic success and burgeoning space ambitions, China’s state sponsored Science and Technology Daily announced plans to design, construct, and launch a power station into Earth’s orbit that will harness the energy produced by the Sun, initially reported by Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald in February 2019 .

Chinese scientists plan to launch these small power stations into the stratosphere between 2021 and 2025, while upgrading the station (to ‘megawatt level’) in 2030, then finally once again in 2050 (achieving the sought after (1.21) GIGAWATT LEVEL DESIGNATION). The space based solar farms could provide a nearly limitless abundance of clean energy.

The China Academy of Space Technology Corporation put forth the claim that this innovation could offer a reliable supply of energy 99% of the time at the power six times the intensity of solar installations currently on Earth. How? The process involves converting incoming solar energy into electricity in space, then beaming it to Earth utilizing a microwave or laser technologies that would feed the electricity into the power grid through a ground receiving system.

Fake moons, solar farms, the Chinese skyline seems to be getting ever more crowded up there!