Honoring the father of modern rocket propulsion, Dr. Robert Goddard, the Goddard Space Flight Center houses the United States’ largest organization of astronomers, engineers, and scientists, where innovation in space technology and study of the universe take center stage. Located in Greenbelt, Maryland outside Washington, D.C. encompassing an area of 1,270 acres, the Goddard Space Flight center is a major American Laboratory that develops unmanned spacecraft, while managing NASA’s observations of our planet and undergoing astronomic missions studying the physics in the Cosmos.
The Center’s humble beginnings dawned on May 1, 1959, when NASA established the facility as its first space flight complex. Goddard handles communication between the International Space Station and Mission Control, assisting astronauts in orbit. It also manages Hubble Space Telescope operations and will also be in charge of the James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to launch sometime in 2021. Forever NASA’s first facility, Goddard’s role in space exploration and humanity’s scientific endeavors remains critical to this day, as its researchers unveil new revelations and discoveries on a regular basis.
For more information on NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, cruise on over to their site, or take a trip to the Visitor Center, where a plethora of captivating activities, exhibits, and events await. The visitor center is open to all ages and free of charge, allowing anyone the marvelous experience to explore our society’s best scientific centers in the backyard of our nation’s capital.

Panoramic view of the Visitor’s Center at Goddard Space Flight Center