The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a large infrared telescope scheduled to be launched into Earth’s atmosphere in the Spring of 2019. Replacing the Hubble Space Telescope, Webb will serve as the premiere space observatory, studying the history of the universe and uncovering some of its great mysteries. Webb will have the capability to survey planets to see if they can support life like here on earth and will also study the formation of the universe’s first galaxies.

Equiped with a 6.5 meter primary mirror, the JWST ushers in the next generation of space telescopes, with the capacity to compliment and furthering the discoveries of the Hubble. JWST will be able to see investiagate many events and phenomenon that have not been possible until now, allowing mankind to further understand the formation of stars and planets and to deeply study exoplanets and distant objects.

It is named after James Webb, the NASA administrator who’s known for his work on the Apollo Program.