Kepler-22b is an exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of Kepler 22. It is roughly twice the size of Earth and located about 600 lightyears away. Astronomers have determined that Kepler-22b does not have an earthlike composition, but rather a volatile-rich composition with an outer shell composed of either a liquid or gaseous substance. There’s evidence that the planet’s surface has a moderate temperature of about 262 K (−11 °C), similar to Earth’s at 255 K (−18 °C).

Star: Kepler-22

Constellation: Cygnus

Distance From Earth: 600 Light-years

Age: 4.0 Gyr

Habitable Zone: Yes

Mass: <52.8

Radius: 2.04

Temperature: 295 K (22 C, 71 F)

Discovery Date: December 5, 2011

Discoverer: Kepler Science Team

Discovery Method: Transit

Site: Kepler Space

Observatory Status: Confirmed