Our universe is vast and ancient, and one can only imagine what mysteries lie out in the dark abyss. I always envisioned a future with our civilization populating the stars, building intricate routes connecting a vast network of planets and star systems, allowing mankind to navigate the galaxy and push the limits of knowledge even further.
I’ve always wondered . If our planet resides in the solar system, which resides in the Milky Way, etc. etc…. what houses this Universe of ours, that appears to be ever expanding, like a balloon, or is that just it? Are we a plane of existence expanding to oblivious? Or just a droplet in a sea of universes, some much like ours and others vastly different? Maybe we’re just a simulated universe, a program on some Master Architect’s lap top…  Or maybe someone just put an infinite skybox onto our planet, out-ranging our most advanced telescopes, and Odin’s just sitting there laughing at us as we try to figure out how the hell to shoot people strapped to rockets into space.
One can only think, and wonder… Until the science finally catches up!
Thanks to NASA, we have some semblance of what our universe actually looks like based on images, telescopes, and satellite arrays.

The oldest light in our universe is called the cosmic microwave background, which was imprinted on your sky when the universe was about 370,000 years old (for context, our dearly beloved blue dot is near 4.5 billio). The light was detected with great precision by the Planck missionand reveals fluctuations in temperature corresponding to regions of differing densities, and represent the stars and galaxies of our universe. By using the light patterns of the map, scientists and astronomers are analyzing what we know about this mysterious plane of existence, how it started, how it functions, and where it’s destined to go.